Why Purchase a Service Agreement?
The benefits of owning a service agreement are as follows:

  1. 15% discount off any repair
  2. All chemicals necessary to clean coils
  3. Complete service report at each service
  4. Preferential Scheduling if repairs are needed
  5. Standard air filters replaced at each visit
  6. Tuning and adjustments at each service

(Only items that apply to your system will be checked.)

  1. Check refrigerant pressures
  2. Check compressor amperage
  3. Check system starting capability
  4. Check thermostat operation
  5. Check float switch and safety controls
  6. Check blower motor
  7. Check Condenser motor
  8. Check supply and return air temps
  9. Evaluate system for overall longevity
  10. Check electrical connections
  11. Check compressor null points
  12. Measure system voltage
  13. Check thermostat operations
  14. Check and evaluate ductwork
  15. Check gas burner operations
  16. Check Draft inducer motor
  17. Monitor flue draft
  18. Check defrost cycle
  19. Check emergency heat strip(s)
  20. Check reversing valve operation

This is a convenient way to purchase a bi-annual Service Agreement for your heating/cooling system and/or standby generator. Simply fill out this short form from top to bottom then click “Next” this will take you to the Service Agreement order form. You will be able to view the order form, see pricing information and make changes before placing your order.

Note* if you have a standby generator that you would like to include in your Bi-annual service agreement, click the drop down box on the question “Do you have a generator” and select yes. Otherwise leave it as “no”.